What You Need to Know About Business Burglary

What You Need to Know About Business Burglary

If you’re a business owner, you should consider getting commercial business security systems. Not having them can be costly to your overall revenue. Here’s what you should know about business burglaries.

Common pattern of business burglaries

It’s helpful to be aware of when and how most business burglaries tend to happen. Unlike home burglaries which happen during the day, the most common time a business is burglarized is at night or after regular business hours. Burglars will usually go through doors and windows, and often will make it out before the police arrive.

Businesses most at risk of burglary

Some businesses are more vulnerable to getting items stolen than other businesses. Burglars tend to target businesses that are in isolated areas. They also look for places that have low lighting, poor locks, and no formal security systems. That means if you don’t have any business security systems, you’re more at risk of having a burglar attempt to steal your products. In particular, companies with portable and expensive products tend to experience more burglary. This includes electronics, cigarettes, liquor, and expensive clothing. Pharmacies will also get burglarized frequently because of popular and addictive drugs like OxyContin.

The cost of burglaries

The cost to your business is more than just the loss of potential revenue from stolen products. For example, if it happens after you’ve closed for the night, there could be damage costs if doors or windows are broken. Also, when you have consistent burglary problems, it can change the whole structure of how you have to run your business. Due to the lost revenue, you may have to lay off workers because you can’t afford to keep them. You might also have to temporarily raise the prices of your products in order to keep your business running. Or worst of all, some businesses may have no choice but to close down.

The chances of getting justice

Without evidence, if the burglar doesn’t get caught at the scene of the crime, most of them never get arrested. Burglary has the lowest arrest rate of all crimes. This reality stresses even more the importance of finding business security systems. It’ll help the police be able to make an arrest. With cameras, there can be an image of the suspect, and the image can be released to the public. Once the suspect is captured, the video surveillance can be evidence of the crime, increasing the likelihood of prosecution.

Just as homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized, businesses without a security system are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized. Looking for business security systems is essential for any business to consider. Not doing so will risk lost revenue and potentially end your business.