Do You Need a Home Intercom System?

Do You Need a Home Intercom System?

Here’s a secret that many companies don’t want you to know: any commercial security system can become an advanced security system. When you add extra features like a home intercom system, security camera systems, and smart features, you can devise a security system with smart features that will protect your home in an all-inclusive way.

What Will a Home Intercom System Do?

Why does a residential security system need an intercom? Many predators break into (or attempt to break into) homes in search of things to steal or even in search of someone to kill. Some will come right to the front door wearing a fake uniform or some other disguise. With a home intercom system, you can talk to people that come to your home and have them state their business before you ever crack open your front door.

A home intercom has another use when it’s integrated into your security system. This will allow you to speak directly to your security system company, so you can have them dispatch police, fire, or EMS services as needed. You no longer need standard fire alarm systems. Many security systems in today’s era have smart features to provide total home protection.

What to Look for in a Home Security System

The home security system today is highly sophisticated. You can get a security camera system that syncs to your smartphone, and see who is knocking on your door even when you’re miles away. You can even get your security system to send you an alert when someone approached your door through motion sensor technology. If you see someone standing at your door, you can use your phone to speak to them through the home intercom system using your phone even if you’re on the other side of the world! There’s a lot you can do with a home security stem these days, and a lot you should be doing to protect your home. After all, can you really have too many features when it comes to keeping your property safe?

What kind of features do you want in a security system? Think about what you may need to protect your home specifically. Do you have a garage that needs to be monitored? Are there sensitive areas on your property, places where entry may be easier to gain because of landscaping or an obstructed view that makes it harder to spot this part of your home from the street? Think about where you need to place your security cameras and where you may want to place speakers for your home intercom system. This way, you can monitor these sensitive areas of your home and know at once if someone is near thanks to motion sensors.

Advanced Security Matters

You may think installing cameras and speakers seem a bit like overkill, but burglary is a common occurrence. In the U.S. alone, a home burglary happens every single 13 seconds. Around 2.5 million burglaries happen every single year. You need a home security system that’s going to keep you safe and keep your property protected because you never know when the next home to be invaded is going to be your own.