Why You Should Get a Home Security System

Why You Should Get a Home Security System

A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States, yet recent crime statistics show that home burglaries are also at their lowest point in 50 years. That could be because more and more people are getting a home security system.

Property crime rates saw an increase in the 60s and 70s, but with more affordable home security systems available and even DIY options, there has been a decrease, which began in the 90s. Safeguarding your home and property has become easier as time goes on.

Despite this decreasing trend in burglaries, you need to take into account the crime rates in your neighborhood and the efficiency of the home security system you’re using. Burglars are changing with the times, and many of them know the limitations of a home security system.

If you are trying to protect your home with nothing more than a noisy alarm, you may need to add features that do more. Since 65% of home burglaries occur during the day—usually when you aren’t at home—you may want a security camera system.

Security camera systems can be monitored online, from your phone or even by a professional company. You can switch lights on and off remotely, see who is at your door before answering, close your garage or even lock your doors remotely. The best options for you could be determined by some simple statistics.

Statistics show that you are three times more likely to be robbed if you don’t have a home security system.

This seems to have an obvious solution—get some sort of visible home security system. Burglars often “case” homes, looking for easy targets. If they see cameras or home security company stickers or placards, nine out of ten times they will find a different home to target. Only 14% of the country’s homes have a security system installed currently, so burglars are likely to find a new target easily.

Suburban homes are 50% more likely to be a target for burglars.

This is because suburban homes have more points of entry and more places to hide. There is less traffic in the suburbs, so a burglar is less likely to be spotted. It may seem like city-dwellers have less to worry about, but most burglars are opportunistic and can find a way in even in densely populated places, especially if you forget to lock your door.

One-third of all burglaries are not forcible entries.

This means that burglars are getting in through open windows and unlocked doors, which is considered to be an unlawful entry rather than a forcible one.

These statistics suggest that more people could use some sort of home security system. Now that cameras, alarms, and remote monitoring are affordable and easily accessible, perhaps more people will invest in them.